A Modern Bed and Breakfast Isn’t Grandma’s House

modern bed and breakfast isn't grannys houseWe had an interesting experience last week.

We were speaking with a young lady who is getting married in the area, and was looking for rooms for all of her wedding guests. It’s a common situation, and we love being the base of operations for weddings even when the ceremony and reception aren’t happening at the Phineas Swann. In fact, when wedding parties take our whole inn, we even provide complimentary shuttle service to the site for guests.

The bride-to-be wanted to learn more about our B&B, because according to her we had been described by one of our competitors as “quaint, but dated.”

We didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted. We don’t think it was meant as a compliment, but it did illustrate one of the challenges we have, running this wonderfully historic Victorian bed-and-breakfast inn.

The Phineas Swann house was built in 1880. It has charm that cannot be replicated. But so many of our potential guests believe that if they’re staying in our bed and breakfast, they’ll be staying in a house similar to grandma’s with tiny rooms, drafty windows, dusty furniture covered with doilies and none of the modern amenities that most travelers need.

Nothing could be further from the truth. When you walk in the front door of our bed and breakfast, you’re greeted by a house with incredible character. It’s decorated with antiques of the period, but our bed-and-breakfast is no antique. It’s a modern bed and breakfast with great amenities. Consider:

  • modern bed and breakfast suiteWhen you go to your room, you’ll enjoy flatscreen TVs with cable, premium channels and a DVD player where you can enjoy our library of more than 500 movies.
  • Our in-room phones offer you free long distance to the US and Canada.
  • There’s Wi-Fi throughout the property, on an open network so you don’t have to fool with passwords and logins.
  • There also hard-wired Internet connections.
  • Our bathrooms are all spacious and packed with modern fixtures and in most cases jetted tubs. There’s Keurig coffee makers in all our suites.
  • Just between the Main House and Carriage House you can luxuriate in our eight-person outdoor hot tub complete with what Darren likes to refer to as “disco lights.”

These are all amenities that most of our competitors don’t offer. And so I wonder why they’re telling guests that we are dated.

Once guests stay with us, we usually receive the same response. “This was my first stay at a bed-and-breakfast, and it wasn’t anything like I expected. You look historic but you’ve got all the modern touches of a luxury hotel.”

And that’s really the secret. It’s old-school charm mixed with new-school cool.

We think we’ve struck the perfect balance between historic charm and high-tech.


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