Welcome to our house. We hope you will enjoy your time with us. We began this journey like you, as guests of the Phineas Swann, and so fell in love with it that we purchased this lovely bed & breakfast.

If you feel comfortable and “at home,” then we know we are doing something right. We enjoy nothing more than opening our home to others. 

We would like your days with us to be as enjoyable as our days here. We would love to see you again and again, and we hope that in the future, we can consider you our good friends.

Your hosts,

Lynne & Darren

Darren & Lynne Drevik

Lynne Drevik, Innkeeper

Lynne retired after 20 years working as a logistics planner for Colgate-Palmolive in Atlanta and New York. She grew up in downstate New York and has fond memories of vacationing and skiing in Vermont as a child. Lynne is in charge of the inn’s stunning gardens, serves as our baker par excellance and oversees the inn’s decor and housekeeping.

Darren Drevik, Innkeeper

Darren is a writer and former newspaper editor. As you’ll quickly figure out from his accent, he’s a Southerner, originally from East Tennessee. He recently completed writing his first novel, Appalachian Trail, and is working on his second. He enjoys cooking and chatting with the guests, and handles the inn’s marketing.

Emmy, Barb & Lori, Our Housekeepers

Emmy is now working with her third set of owners here at the Phineas Swann. She oversees breakfasts, serves as head housekeeper and is dedicated to making every guest’s stay exceptional. Barb and Lori have both been with the Phineas Swann for several years now, and not only work to keep everyone’s rooms looking great, but aids in preparing breakfasts and keeping all the details of the inn just right.

Michael, Our Handyman

A great inn requires a great handyman to keep everything in tip-top shape. If you’re here during a weekday, you’re likely to find Michael doing everything from painting siding to adjusting equipment and making sure your stay is flawless.