Hotel Scams Show Importance Of Booking Directly

hotel scamsThere always seems to be yet another scam out there. And the latest hotel scams have the potential to upset our guests. So we’re taking it personally.

If you’re booking your stay with us at the Phineas Swann, or at another hotel across the country, you could potentially get scammed out of money, your identity or worse.

A plethora of online hotel booking sites are popping up, and the damage they’re doing is immense. We’ve talked before here about sites like Expedia,, and the like. While they’re not going to give you a better deal than booking your stay with us directly at our website, they at least are reputable.

The danger comes when you find an off-brand website that’s promising you a better deal than you can find at any of those sites, or on the hotel or B&B’s own website.

Like they always say, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

These fake companies create websites and call centers that look and sound like you’re talking directly to the hotel or B&B you want to stay at. They even lift photographs from our own website to fool you. They take your information, your credit card information, and then …. nothing. When you show up at your hotel, they hotel knows nothing about your reservation. If they happen to have a room, you’ll have to pay for it and then try and find out who the scammers were who took your credit card information. It’s not how you want to spend a vacation, that’s for sure. Congress has announced it’s going to investigate these scammers, but don’t hold your breath waiting for results.

The best solution: Book directly at the B&B’s or hotel’s website. In the case of our website, you won’t get a better rate anywhere. Period. So you’re better off booking direct. To be sure you’re dealing with us, just type inĀ and you’ll know you’re at the right place. If you’d rather call, you can ring Darren or Lynne at (802) 326-4306.

We want our guests to arrive ready to relax, not stressed.

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