Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016

Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016 logoAs part of the Phineas Swann’s 30th anniversary, we’re celebrating with Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016. This year-long event will give past guests a chance to come back, and share their memories, photos and stories. It will also give first-timers a chance to make their own history, and discover why the Phineas Swann has been the most popular bed and breakfast in northern Vermont for three decades.

There are a number of ways you can take part:

Leave a memory – If you’re a past guest, make sure to fill in the “Leave A Reply” box below with your recollections of your great moments spent at the Phineas Swann. If you have photographs you’d be willing to share, email them to us  at news @ and we’ll post them here.

Come home this year – Book a return visit to the Phineas Swann, and consider staying in the same room you stayed in before. It might be the same, but it might be quite more updated than you remember. Regardless, the grounds and the common rooms will be familiar and welcoming — and the breakfasts will be everything you remember them to be.

Learn about our history – Take a few minutes to enjoy our history page. The house is more than 135 years old, and it’s story is the story of Vermont.

Come make history – Book a new visit to the Phineas Swann and be part of our first three decades. We’ll be making history for years to come, and we want you to be a part of it. Come see us in 2016!

Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016 Memories

Kirsten Carr offers this wonderful Phineas Swann Homecoming Tribute:

“I have so enjoyed staying at the Phineas Swan, this very special Bed and Breakfast through the years, beginning in the 1980’s with dear treasured friends Nicole Ditz and Alfonso Borges.

“The decor has always been so masterfully artful, beautiful, plush and inviting.

“The breakfasts have been incredible! From “mother’s hugs” light and fluffy biscuits with butter and jam, fresh muffins to luscious pancakes with syrup, to eggs and French toast, all made with wholesome natural ingredients from Vermont.

“Staying in this Inn has been magical and replenishing. . and the rich pleasure of enjoying the charming town of Montgomery.

“I have memories of visiting the cows at the nearby farm, enjoying the charm and simplicity of the original Kilgore’s General Store, always was a delight, hearing a professional piano player “the piano Man’ and meeting the friendly locals and other visitors.

“Visiting the craft stores with beautiful handmade creations. . .and the lovely and delicious restaurants nearby.

“The town still echoes of history and times gone by.. of a simpler time in life. . .

“But the best part was being with dear and treasured friends and getting to know the owners of the Phineas, who have changed through the years. . .each pair of owners, a treasure in themselves. .

“They always treated us with such graciousness, friendliness and kindness, as dear old friends. .

“Other memories. . .Swimming in the swimming hole in the stream behind the Methodist church, where my grandfather, a minister used to preach in the 1930’s and 40’s . . .Breathing in the fresh air of Vermont none can compare!

“Many of my fondest memories of summering in Vermont have been at this truly remarkable and enchanting bed and breakfast!

“I herald the dear Phineas! We love you!”

Nicole Ditz first visited the Phineas Swann in 1989, and has been here through four sets of owners. She and her spouse Vanessa Johnson love coming to the Phineas so much, they even created a book documenting their first 13 years of visits to the Phineas Swann.

Check out some of their Phineas Swann Homecoming photos, and notice some of the details, including the old Phineas Swann sign and the antique bathtub that used to be in the Blue Room!