30 Years of “Welcome Home”

Phineas Swann Homecoming Front HouseThe year 2016 marks a very special year for the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn. This year is our 30th anniversary. Back in 1986, Richard and Helen Kortea had no idea they were creating institution in the Jay Peak/Montgomery area.

The couple opened up several rooms in their home, which was already hosting an outdoor outfitter in the back of its carriage house. Now, some three decades later, the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast has hosted more than 20,000 guests, welcoming couples, families, thousands of dogs, skiers, hikers, bikers, sightseers, leaf-peepers, and just those who needed to get away to the beautiful mountains at the top of Vermont.

It’s a tremendous legacy. Hospitality is a high calling, and welcoming people and creating memories for tens of thousands is an amazing accomplishment for all five sets of innkeepers. Lynne and I feel fortunate to follow in the footsteps of so many great people, who worked so hard to make the Phineas Swann everything that it is today.

Glen & Micheal, former owners of the Phineas Swann Bed & Breakfast Inn near Jay Peak, Vermont for Phineas Swann HomecomingFirst the Korteas, who had the original idea. Then Francis & Maureen Kane, who came just a few years later and carried the torch of this wonderful idea. During the 1990s and first half of the 2000’s, Glenn and Michael raised the Phineas Swann to new heights, and their touch is still visible to guests who return to us after 20 years and still see many of the same wonderful decorations and designs that wonderful couple created. John Perkins and Jay Kerch added modern comforts like gazebos, a hot tub and additional suites that made guests feel even more welcome.

In just three years Lynne and Darren Drevik have worked very hard to continue this incredible pace of growth and improvement. Whether it’s upgrading bathrooms, putting hardwood floors in most of the suites, remodeling, or planning for either bigger enhancements, we constantly feel the pressure to continue the high standards that the Phineas Swann has held for the past 30 years.

We want this entire year to be a celebration of the history of this great institution. That’s why we’re announcing Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016.  This year-long celebration will be a chance for all of our past guests to come back and visit the Phineas Swann. Even if you haven’t been here in decades, we want to see you. We want to hear your stories and memories. We want to know what made the Phineas Swann so special to you. Did you visit at a special time in your life? Was there someone you came with who’s no longer with us? Did you come with your children, who are now old enough to have children of their own? Did you visit the Phineas Swann with a puppy who’s now a full-grown four-legged friend?

Blue Room Bathtub at Phineas Swann HomecomingWe want to hear your stories. Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016 is a chance to share memories. We certainly hope that you make the effort to come back to Vermont and visit the Phineas Swann again. But if you can’t, please take the time to visit the special web page we’ve set up where guests can share their memories of this B&B’s first three decades.

Come back to the Phineas Swann this year for Phineas Swann Homecoming 2016. We’d love to see you again, or if you came before 2013, meet you. We love this house and know you do too. And what better way to become friends that talk account a shared love.

Click here to share your Phineas Swann Homecoming memories.


  1. I have been visiting the Phineas Swann for almost 27 years with various friends, family, an ex-spouse who is still my close friend and my partner of 19 years.

    When I was young, in my early twenties, the Phineas and Montgomery Center was my Shangri la, a place to heal from dark childhood memories, and a second home where I learned to laugh and play and be nurtured in a way that was completely new and transformative for me.

    From the bucolic Norman Rockwell setting, to plush beds and extragantly delicious breakfasts and sweets at high tea, I grew and underwent dozens of metamorphoses both personally and professionally as a depth trauma psychotherapist.

    Now, at 50, I return yet again, imbibing the northeast kingdom’s fresh air, healing a herniated spine via long ambles along ageless dirt roads, and resting in comfortable luxury.

    Phineas Swann is timeless, a touchstone, a treasure trove of hilarious and poignant memories, that carry me gently from youth into my wisdom years. I will return forever pointing toward my true North to be embraced by a place that knows and loves me.

  2. Kirsten Carr

    I have so enjoyed staying at the Phineas Swan, this very special Bed and Breakfast through the years, beginning in the 1980’s with dear treasured friends Nicole Ditz and Alfonso Borges.

    The decor has always been so masterfully artful, beautiful, plush and inviting.

    The breakfasts have been incredible! From “mother’s hugs” light and fluffy biscuits with butter and jam, fresh muffins to luscious pancakes with syrup, to eggs and French toast, all made with wholesome natural ingredients from Vermont.

    Staying in this Inn has been magical and replenishing. . and the rich pleasure of enjoying the charming town of Montgomery.

    I have memories of visiting the cows at the nearby farm, enjoying the charm and simplicity of the original Kilgore’s General Store, always was a delight, hearing a professional piano player “the piano Man’ and meeting the friendly locals and other visitors.

    Visiting the craft stores with beautiful handmade creations. . .and the lovely and delicious restaurants nearby.

    The town still echoes of history and times gone by.. of a simpler time in life. . .

    But the best part was being with dear and treasured friends and getting to know the owners of the Phineas, who have changed through the years. . .each pair of owners, a treasure in themselves. .

    They always treated us with such graciousness, friendliness and kindness, as dear old friends. .

    Other memories. . .Swimming in the swimming hole in the stream behind the Methodist church, where my grandfather, a minister used to preach in the 1930’s and 40’s . . .

    . . .Breathing in the fresh air of Vermont none can compare!

    Many of my fondest memories of summering in Vermont have been at this truly remarkable and enchanting bed and breakfast!

    I herald the dear Phineas! We love you!

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