Cycling in Northern Vermont

What a great summer it’s been for cyclists here at the top of Vermont!

Our rainy spring and June finally petered out, and we’ve been blessed with beautiful sunny days and high temperatures much more seasonable than normal (Don’t forget: Up here, when the highs break the low-80s, we start talking about “heat waves”!)

cycling in northern vermont at the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast Inn in Montgomery near Jay Peak

Here at the Phineas, we’ve been hosting every type of cyclist imaginable. Within a period of less than two days, we’ve hosted:

  • A long-distance touring cyclist from northern California, making his way across country on his saddlebag and extra tube-laden bike. By the time you read this, Kim will have finished his trip by reaching the coast of Maine, and will be on an Amtrak train along with his trusty two-wheeled steed back home.
  • Several road cyclists making four- and five-day trips on their own from western New York through Vermont before circling back home.
  • A lovely family of four from Montpelier and their hybrid electric bikes. They boasted a son and a daughter under the age of 13 who can ride circles around anyone, and
  • A visit by our longstanding friends at Discovery Bicycle Tours, who allow us to host a dozen or so of their guests on a weekly basis, either for their Quebec or Northeast Kingdom week-long tours.

We also get to host mountain bikers regularly here, enjoying the great trails in and around Jay Peak.

The big wheel keeps on spinning – and we’re glad it keeps bringing such great people to our door!

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