Meet Marshall, Magnolia … and Maple!

Marshall and Magnolia, the two beagles at the Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast near Jay Peak Vermont

We love dogs at the Phineas Swann, and three of our most important team members are four-footed!


Marshall the beagle at the Phineas Swann Bed and BreakfastMarshall, Director of Security

At 16 years old, Marshall, on the right, is a very seasoned beagle. You won’t see much action from him, but when someone comes by he might just lift his head and let out a howl just to let you know he’s there. If you give him a petting, you’ll never see a dog’s tail wag harder.




magnoliaMagnolia, Chief Kissing Officer

Our other beagle, Magnolia is our CKO (Chief Kissing Officer). The official greeter of the Phineas Swann, she’ll jump up and give you as many kisses as you can stand. There’s not enough attention in the world for her, but you’re welcome to try.





Maple, Morale Officer

Our newest addition is Maple, a darling Shitzu puppy full of energy. Born in February, she’s already become a guest favorite, especially among our younger ones. She’s soft, she’s fluffy, she’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face during your stay.