Top 10 Reasons To Ski Jay Peak

We’ve skied a lot of difference places, from Snowbird to Snowshoe, from Whistler to Killington. We’ve even slummed at some far-off Southern climes like Boone and Winterplace. But there’s something about Jay Peak that made us want to set up camp at its base, and makes us always happy when we strap on our skis and head up the hill. Here’s our list of┬áTop 10 Reasons To Ski Jay Peak, presented in no particular order.

  1. Trees. If you like glade skiing, you’ll do no better than the glades here at Jay Peak. Whether it’s Timbuktu on the skier’s right or Beaver Pond on the skier’s left side of the mountain, you can’t do much better. Unless, of course, you opt to go out of bounds and ride down the back side of the mountain. Which a lot of great backcountry skiers do. If you’re just trying to learn how to ski glades, the Half, Quarter and Full Moon glades are great learning tools.
  2. Great Watering Holes. Jay has several great watering holes for you to enjoy during those breaks between runs. Our favorite is the Bullwheel at Stateside with Eric and other great bartenders to serve you and a beautiful full-window view of the mountain.
  3. Room to Ride. As opposed to Killington, Stratton, Okemo, Sugarbush and other southern Vermont mountains, Jay has plenty of trails and not as many patrons. That means fewer people to cut you off, ski back and forth across the entire trail, or clog up lift lines.
  4. Riders Know What They’re Doing. Most Jay Peak patrons are experienced skiers. They avoid the more beginning-focused resorts to make the extra drive to the top of Vermont. So you’re less likely to run into a nube, literally or figuratively.
  5. The Fun Side of Jay Peak is Only 10 Minutes Away. The resort will try like crazy to get you to stay on the hill. Don’t fall for it. Just 10 minutes west of the mountain is Montgomery, a town filled with tons of apres ski activity, from great restaurants to ski bars to shopping and more. It’s even got its own Salt Cave Spa. If you stay entirely on the mountain, you’re cheating yourself.
  6. Backcountry Fun. As mentioned, the back side of Jay Peak off of Timbuktu is popular with backcountry skiers and riders. You can blaze your own trail, and when you get to the bottom, VT-242 is right there, along with a friendly driver ready to give you a lift back to the resort.
  7. Snow! Friggin snow! The mountain gets more snow than any other resort in Eastern North America. Three years ago Jay received more snow than any resort in the continental U.S. With the lake-effect snow it gets from Lake Champlain, the Jay Cloud can drop 2-4 inches of powder on a day where no mountain in the Eastern U.S. sees any snow.
  8. Vermont’s Only Tram. Jay Peak is the only Vermont resort with a tram. Add in $5 million in repairs and upgrades made last summer, it’s moving at a good clip, shortening wait times.
  9. Jay Attitude. The people who run the resort are a little more arrogant than they should be, but if you’re a Jay skier, you should be arrogant. Jay is where most Vermonters go when they want to show their stuff. Hey, it’s an extra two hours from Boston or New York, but that 120 minutes pays off in great rides on almost 2,000 feet of vert starting at a 4,000-foot peak.
  10. Distractions Galore. If the weather isn’t perfect, or if someone in your group isn’t a snowboarder or skier, there’s plenty for them to do. There’s the amazing indoor waterpark. There’s Clips & Reels, a new climbing gym and theater. There’s ice skating. Jay offers something for everyone.

And we left the best thing about Jay Peak off our list of the Top 10 Reasons to Ski Jay Peak: There’s so many great places to stay. Sleep at the Resort if you must, but you’re missing out on some great opportunities for exceptional service, from the affordable youth hostel Grandpa Grunts to our upscale Phineas Swann Bed and Breakfast.

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