No, We’re Not For Sale

vermont bed and breakfast for saleGoogle searches always bring up interesting results. We’re fortunate that there aren’t too many places called “Phineas Swann,” so finding us on the web is very easy. But sometimes when people search “Vermont Bed and Breakfast For Sale” they get a surprise.

They find us.

It’s an interesting quirk, and proof that on the internet, nothing ever dies.

Old pages from years ago still linger. This particular page, from almost five years ago now, still hangs out there. And it’s a little disconcerting for brides trying to plan their wedding for this year or even 2017. They worry we may not be around to give them the level of personal attention our brides know we deliver. Some guests worry we’ve mentally “checked out” as we await a buyer. Some may even wonder if we’ll still be open if they book their stay six months in advance, as they easily can do on our website.

No, we’re not for sale.

Lynne and I love what we do. And we plan to be doing it for years and years and years. Once I asked Lynne what we were going to do when we retired.

“Retire?” she asked. “And then do what? I like what we do now. Why would I want to stop?”

So rest assured we’re not for sale, despite what one or two pages on the internet might suggest.

Of course, if you want to come by with a $2 million check, we can at least talk.

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